A handy tool for all of you out there seeking for vegan options in Yokohama! We provide updated information on the very best full vegan restaurants as well as the ones with vegan options on their menu.

We also provide information and reviews on vegan products, events and lifestyle.
We want to prove that vegan food can be exciting and delicious and our goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based foods in your diet.


Vegan Consultant

Chiara Park Terzuolo

Chiara began traipsing about Japan around 2007, and has been a Tokyo resident since 2011. A travel specialist and writer, she has written for various media, including Japan Today, Japan Times, Jetsetter and Savvy, as well as being featured on the Wall Street Journal and NHK.

She was inspired to write her first book, the ‘Tokyo Vegan Guide’, to help the growing number of vegan visitors to Japan’s capital find meals worthy of traveling across the ocean for. She is now helping restaurants and businesses in Yokohama cater to the needs of vegan and plant-based visitors, so everyone can have a great meal in this beautiful port city.

For updates on her never-ending quest for great vegan food, you can follow her on Instagram at @tokyoveganguide